Mangrove Tour

If you are looking to explore the mesmerizing mangrove forest of Roatan, we have the perfect excursion for you. We have designed this amazing experience that can accommodate our guest’s different needs. Explore the breathtaking, beautiful mangrove tunnels on a serene and invigorating adventure.

The Mangrove Tour is definitely one of our client’s favorite. Mangroves can be found lining the bights, bays, and coastline of Roatan and cover over 5% of the total land area on the island. The most extensive coverage of mangroves is found at the eastern end of the island and connects Roatan to the small island of Santa Elena.

The scenery of the mangroves is truly something else. We take you along the intricate passageways with crystal clear waters, healthy tress home of different birds and mammals with their tangled roots. It’s the perfect tour for everyone since it can be both adventurous and peaceful.

Remember that we are an eco-friendly company this is why we encourage sustainable tourism. Without our mangroves, Roatan’s ecosystem would collapse so we make sure we are looking out for their optimal health.